IUffParser class adds node not present in uff file when parsing

Linux distro and version
Ubuntu 16.04

GPU type
Nvidia 1080 TI

nvidia driver version

CUDA version

CUDNN version

Tensorflow version

TensorRT version

I have converted a tensorflow model to uff. The result contains a node named BottomDepthToSpaceProcess.
When I parse this uff with the IUffParser.parse() method the parsed network contains and extra node named BottomDepthToSpaceProcess__HL_1804289383 which only does a transpose op from what I can see.
My question is how and why is this extra node created. This node does not appear when listing nodes in the convert to uff command
I’m trying to implement a custom layer in TensorRT if this information is relevant.

Thank you for any assistance.


This is created to transpose the output back to the original input format. If the original format was in NHWC then UFF parser inserts a transpose at the end from NCHW -> NHWC.

Thank you for your help.