IVC of SPE on AGX-Orin cause the system crash work with JP5.0.2

Hi, Guys,

I‘m encounter a weird issue while stress test of the IVC between SPE and CCPLEX work with JP5.0.2, the function can meet the expection, but meet the system random crash.
I note there’s a workaround implementation on the FreeRTOS codebase for the HW issue of “HW_BUG_200395605”, but the the WAR just skip the HW operation and exit directly.
Could you help to check if the HW issue “HW_BUG_200395605” is the murderer of the system crash issue which I met?
The following snapshot show the call stack of the system crash:


Hello, Haiping.Yang:
Can you share the detailed steps for ‘stress test of the IVC between SPE and CCPLEX’?
Also, please share the full log when crash happens.
In addition, can you try to reduce the message frequency during test, like 20 messages per seconds, and check whether the crash still happens?


Thanks Chenjian for your suggestion, yes, there’s some debug message at the runtime, I’ll remove it and try it again firstly.


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