J1939 on Nano

I have an adaptor that has a TI TCAN4550 CAN controller that interfaces to the Nano using SPI.
The upper layer will be J1939.

There are sources for both of the above in the Linux source tree on GitHub, but not in the public sources for the Nano.

I have attempted to build the kernel with the added sources.
I am able to configure them with menuconfig, but they don’t appear in the output.
I may have not got the makefiles correctly setup.

I’m new to this and I’m stuck.

Any help would be appreciated,

Hi kkobel,
Can you please describe in detail which steps are you using? and links which you are following.

I started by finding the source needed here:
I followed this to get the sources:

I included the source in the public sources and I changed the configuration to where it appeared menuconfig allowed me to enable them.

The build completed, but I didn’t see any J1939/CAN in the output.
There wasn’t any errors either, which is somewhat suspect.
I may have not got the makefile tree correct.


Did you add the file config in Kconfig? when the menuconfig saves, .config gets created. this .config should be finally copied to tegra_defconfig. Then after kernel build, you will be able to see J1939. Please also search for how to add a kernel driver in google for better understanding.

Thanks, I will give it a try.

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For your help, total files added/modified should be:

  1. driver file (.c file)
  2. Makefile
  3. Kconfig
  4. tegra_defconfig