J22 connector with MIPI CSI-2


I have an e-consystem camera directly plugged on the J22 port on my Jetson TX2.
I need a two meters mipi csi-2 cable, but I don’t know if all mipi csi-2 cable will work.
On the JetsonTX2 Kit Carrier Board pdf, it’s mentioned that “The connector used on the carrier board is a Samtec QSH-060-01-H-D-A. The mating connector is a Samtec QTH-060-01-H-D-A”.

I found this website : https://www.samtec.com/products/hqcd
But i’m not sure if it will work because I can’t configure it to have the exact QSH-060-01-H-D-A or QTH-060-01-H-D-A.
And of course, I can’t configure it up to 1m.

Does someone know where I can configure it like I want ?


Hello ?

Hi Emilien,
Kindly have a look at our NileCAM30_TX2 - 3.4 MP GMSL camera (supports up to 15 meters). I think this will suit your requirement.

For further clarification or queries, kindly write to us techsupport@e-consystems.com. We will help you.

Hello Jeslin,

Thank you for your response.

I can’t buy another camera, I already have the e-CAM131_CUTX2 : https://www.e-consystems.com/13mp-nvidia-jetson-tx2-camera-board.asp
I have to find a solution with this camera.

Emilien Gauthier

Hi Emilien,
We have tested and validated the e-CAM131_CUTX2 with Jetson board standard connector. We didn’t test the connector which you have mentioned in the link.