J3A1 touchscreen display

Is it possible to connect a touchscreen display to J3A1 on board connector and then occasionally activate common HDMI external monitor?
I would like to use the touchscreen for music playing or torrent downloading, as well I’d like to use the HDMI output for video playback or gaming on my big TV screen. Is it possible to do that?
I saw a topic about displays but I don’t want to use HDMI connection/adapters as I want to maintain TV-HDMI cable connection and turn it on when needed.
Thank you guys in advance.

The last time I checked Linux didn’t seem to work so well with multiple monitors and touchscreens. (touchscreen would work on both displays as they weren’t recognized separately, etc)

Anyway it is certainly possible to connect it up that way. Although it will be much easier to setup a USB touchscreen as opposed to getting the I2C to work through the expansion board. Most of these USB touchscreens are plug and play even without a special kernel.

Well, thank you very much Bill.
Using usb solution means I have to connect (via HDMI) TV or touchscreen at once: this is not a terrible issue but… maybe an HDMI splitter would be ok?

Generally speaking I know sometimes these devices (such as this one) http://www.beselettronica.it/images/20130911115429-sdoppiatore_hdmi1.jpg
causes problem of not proper resolution detected or things like that.

Any known issues about HDMI splitters on Jetson TK1?