J40 Pin as ON-OFF switch

Hello, I see in the Jetson Nano documentation that the J40 PIns can be used to switch the Nano ON-OFF and RESET.
The picture describing the function of each pin is not clear to me (sorry).
Can anyone explain how to wire a switch (toggle, or instant on?) to turn the Nano ON-OFF while 5V power is connected to the barrel jack?
Thanks a lot


If you are using A02 revision of the Jetson Nano Developr Kit, I think the wiki page of an enclosure kit like this will give you a good idea.

So you want to plug an instant-on switch across Pin 1 and 2.
If you want to disable the auto power-on, you want to put a jumper across Pin 7 and 8.

The below image is from Jetson Nano Developer Kit User Guide.


Thank you

Can you please tell me how to find out whether my Nano is an A2 revision?
I was able to make it work, but now the question is the fan.
It keeps running until the 5V barrel jack is disconnected
Shouldn’t the fan stop when the Nano is turned off by way of J40 pins?
While the normal 40 mm fan has two wires, this Noctua has three wires.
What is the purpose of the third wire?

hello rpensotti,

please find your board revision number around the heat sink,
or, you could refer to Jetson Nano Developer Kit User Guide, check page.3 for the difference.

please refer to Jetson Nano Product Design Guide, and check [Table 10-8. Jetson Nano Fan Pin Description].

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