J90 Motherboard - I2C not working


I’m trying to connect one I2C device to the J90 Motherboard. When I connect the device to the nvidia developper kit motherboard it’s work fine. But when I connect the device to the J90 motherboard, the device lights up but is not detected by the Jetson.

Is someone has a idea of the problem ? Maybe there is different driver for the GPIO of the J90 ?

Thanks :)

corresponding thread found: https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/1015720/when-i-power-up-the-j90-the-fan-run-at-maximum-speed-and-nothing-happens/?offset=2

I would contact the manufacturer.

for j100 they have some pdf file: http://www.unipos.net/download/J100_data_%20sheet1.4.pdf

for j90 they have : https://auvidea.com/download/manual/J90/J90_technical_reference_1.2.pdf

As mentioned by other replies you probably need to ask the manufacturer. Odds though are very high they will suggest a device tree change. If the manufacturer has any sample device tree files I’d start there.

For contacting the support you may use: https://auvidea.com/my-tickets/
It seems that there takes place a registration which allows to create tickets.

I sent a e-mail to Auvidea. On the website there is only a patch for USB.


It seems that they have sample dtb file and provide instructions for device tree modification : https://auvidea.com/download/firmware/TX2/TX2_USB2_sample_dtb.tar.gz

USB 2.0: please apply a patch to the device tree to enable USB 2.0
Please replace the line: ‘vbus-2-supply = <0x99>;’ 
by the following line: ‘vbus-2-supply = <0x19>;’

However for USB 3.0 they say:

USB 3.0: please download the USB3.0 patch[<a target='_blank' rel='noopener noreferrer' href='https://auvidea.com/download/firmware/TX2/ChangesTX2J140.tar.gz'>https://auvidea.com/download/firmware/TX2/ChangesTX2J140.tar.gz</a>] for the TX2 and the Auvidea carrier boards

But this is only for USB ?

As far as I can see this is for usb. Hopefully, they will respond with some instructions on requests and tickets. You may point them to the devtalk thread aw well.