Jacket by AccelerEyes Has anyone used this?

I was wondering if anyone had used Jacket by AccelerEyes. I’m curious as to what kind of speedups you are getting and how many functions in matlab are actually supported (are things like SVD improved by Jacket or is it just basic functions?) The site has some documentation telling of what it can do, but not enough. Also, I was having an installation problem which I posted on their forums which is why I currently can’t test it for myself.

Hi senorbum,

Jacket is built on CUDA and contains the same level of functionality as CUDA. So, no, at this time it does not have svd(), eig(), inv(), etc. But those will be coming soon. There is an extensive table in the User’s Guide which lists the current status of Jacket’s functions, along with an index at the back of the User’s Guide so that you can quickly look up your favorite functions.


I’ve responded to your installation problems at:


Hope this helps. Let us know if there is anything else we can do to help.


John Melonakos

Ok, wonderful. Thank you much.

Also, its relieving that you haven’t finished certain things on it. Makes me feel like my research is still a valid area to do research in ;)