Jackpack 4.6.1 RootAB with 4.3 on B

I have the AGX board flashed with Jackpack 4.6.1 and RootAB enabled. Since our current apps are running in Jackpack 4.3, I’d like to put 4.3 on B so that we can boot back and forth during testing as needed.

Has anyone done similar? I am thinking of taking the system.img.raw from 4.3 and restore it to B APP partition (eg: mount loop system.img.raw, tar up all files, mkfs.ext4 B, mount B and untar to it). How can I manually handle other B paritions (like kernel, FDT, etc)? Is there a “dd” equivalent command for that?

hello user100090,

would you like to clone the JP-4.3 system.img and restore it to JP-4.6 target?
that’s not an invalid approach, since there are dependency with firmware binaries.

You are saying this is a valid approach.
The board currently runs JP4.3. I’d like to clone the board to files on my host machine, then flash the board to JP4.6.1 with RootAB enabled, finally I want to restore the JP4.3 backup to B on the board, so I can boot A (JP4.6.1) and B (JP4.3) as needed. If this is not an invalid approach, what’s the option to give to flash.sh so that it will restore to B ?

hello user100090

ah… it’s a typo. the cloning image can only restore to the same release version.
for example, if you clone the JP-4.3 system image, you can only restore it to the devices flashed with JP-4.3.

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