Jailhouse and GPU usage (TX2)

I’m replicating every single step for the integration of Jailhouse in the TX2 and so far I got jailhouse running bare metal. ( ref: https://github.com/evidence/linux-jailhouse-jetson )

However, I can’t figure out how to make Jailhouse detect the GPU to use it.

Now - Did anyone ever manage to run anything inside jailhouse inmate using the GPU?

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Sorry that we don’t have too much experience on jailhouse.

Based on the GitHub source, it should be able to run on the TX2 GPU.
Do you meet any error or message on TX2?


Apparently the default version of jailhouse won’t detect the GPU device (it works fine with the CPU).

What I would need to do is to completely assign the resources of the GPU to a cell. But I can’t figure out how to do it.

The final objective would be to be able to run anything on the GPU bare metal.

If the software uses PCI methods to detect the GPU (e.g., nvidia-smi), then there is no possibility of any auto detect working. Unlike a PC with a PCI bus GPU the integrated/iGPU of a Jetson is directly wired to the memory controller (the driver has no PCI interface query possible for the iGPU).

Seems that I am stuck with Jailhouse, I’m moving to Xen for this. Still, if anyone is ever able to find a working solution for Jailhouse I would appreciate an answer.

Thank you.