Jao: module_shdn_n

Hi NV Support Team

From DG Table 5-1 MODULE_SHDN_N is input signal to Orin module
But from DG Figure 5-6 MODULE_SHDN_N Is output signal from Orin module.

  1. Do you know which one is correct? Input or output for MODULE_SHDN_N.
  2. If it is output signal from Orin module, do you know which condition will casue orin module send shutdown indicate?

Table 5-1

Figure 5-6


MOD_SHUTDOWN_N is output from module, a way for the module to communicate to the baseboard that it needs to shut down right away (either due to thermal or SW shutdown)


  1. please update your DG typo in table 5-1 from input to output.
  2. the usecase is that JAO module will send this signal to carrier board (base board) and let carrier board to shut down when JAO module over thermal ?
  3. Because JAO module also have VCOMP_ALERT_N; THERM_ALERT_N; SYSTEM_OC_N and MODULE_SHDN_N
    signal , where i can find the detail description for those signal and how to handle it in our SW.


Yes, the use case is output to carrier.
These signals are controlled by hw not sw.

Hi Trumany
One more query: VCOM_Alert_n can not config with BI in pinmux tools.
Can you please check it.

It is unused default. Currently please follow reference design not to use it.

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