Jarvis download broken? for voice recognition+synth

I start somewhere like here:
NVIDIA Jarvis | NVIDIA Developer, and try download or quick start guides, they keep wanting me to fill out a survey (3 times now!) finally, all browsers seem to converge on this page, which is empty/blank, but should show some downloads:

So No palemoon, no opera and no chrome…what works?

I hope NGC forums are the place to report probs?

Here is the steps you can follow.

  1. Complete the survey of Jarvis EA program NVIDIA Jarvis | NVIDIA Developer
  2. Fill out the survey and click “Submit”
  3. You will be re-directed to NVIDIA NGC
  4. In that Jarvis container listing, click on Entities tab
  5. Click on “Javis Speech Skills” Container item in that list
  6. After landing on the “Javis Speech Skills” listing page, see that the application asks you to sign in in order to be able to pull the container.
  7. Click on “Sign In” menu item under the dropdown menu at the top right corner that says “Welcome Guest”
  8. After successful sign in or account creation you should be able to pull entity

Let us know if issue persists.

I filled out that survey more than 3 times – (1 in each browser). After I login, I get taken back to the link “NVIDIA NGC”, but all I see is a blank page in 3 different browsers.

FYI – I tried it again before posting this just to be sure it wasn’t a transient problem affecting all 3 browsers.