Jatson Xavier EFM8SB10F8G FW iisue

For P2822_B03 use EFM8SB10F8G to controller power ON sequence ,but this circuit need FW on it . Can you provide FW of EFM8SB10F8G for us.


Hi, designs that intend to follow the NVIDIA carrier board design and include the EFM8SB10F8G-A-QFN20 MPU for Button Power Button control will need to work with the manufacturer (Silicon Labs) to obtain the necessary microcode. Otherwise, another solution such as the one described earlier in the Power-On (No MCU) can be used.

Hi Trumany.

Silicon Lab feedback microode was check NV team .Our new carried board will improvie MCU to controller power on sequence . So can be provie microcode of EFM8SB10F8G-A-QFN20 . thank

Sorry, update the latest status: NVIDIA will provide the binary and the customer should get the flashing instructions from Silicon Labs. Otherwise, another solution such as the one described earlier in the Power-On (No MCU) can be used.

So please wait for the binary release.


Where can i get the binary of the EFM8SB10F8G-A-QFN20 ?

Please follow the update in DLC: https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/downloads

Can you tell me the time that NVIDIA release the binary of the EFM8SB10F8G-A-QFN20 ?
We are planning to design a carrier board for Xavier.

No ETA yet.


  you can review "Jetson_AGX_Xavier_OEM_Product_Design_Guide" and designal not MCU circuit

Thanks for your reply. I understand it.

Or you can use pretty much any other microcontroller with the appropriate available kinds of I/Os, and write an appropriate power sequencing program for that microcontroller. That’s what’s great about microcontrollers: you can program them :-D

Any update on the binary? We have the board ready but waiting for the binary file to program.

Hi Can someone deliver please the flashing instructions?

and what about the binary?

Hello, Any update on the binary file release? Its been month and there is no update!

any update?

@Trumany Is this available yet? Almost 18 months after the initial request.

Please refer to this package in DLC:https://developer.nvidia.com/nvidia-jetson-agx-xavier-power-button-supervisor-firmware