Java on jetson xavier NX

Im new to the arm64 technology and the Jetson devices

I’m looking to create an application written in Java and run it on my Jetson Xavier NX as a target computer, is there any way to write Java on nsight eclipse (or any other software that was added via the SDK manager)? I’ve also downloaded the regular Eclipse IDE and added the nsight plugins but can’t figure how to run it on my target computer. How can I download Java to my jetson xavier NX? thank you in advance

My host is a VM running ubuntu 18.04

I think java should be able cross platform, you should be able develop any APP on any host and run it on Jetson

Do you know how? I just started a new job and I’ve been thrown into the deep water lol, I tried running eclipse with the cuda plugins but can’t manage to find a way to connect to the Jetson… Java is also not found on the jetson, do i need to download it from Oracle?