Java Use GPU OutOfMemory(occured while using more than 500M about)

Hi,I develop a C++/CUDA program and make a JNI wrapper, the program needs about 1.5G GPU memory and 500M CPU Memory. The program works fine in native C++ call, but while calling through JNI wrapper(deploying at Tomcat), it is failed with OutOfMemory(occured while using more than 500M about). I also try to use CPU Only in my program(needs 2.0G CPU memory), it works fine. And in a PC host(Intel® Xeon® CPU E3-1231, GTX1080, 32G memory), the program also works fine. I know Jetson tx2 shared CPU Memory and GPU Memory, why Java can’t not allocate GPU Memory in Jetson tx2. Any suggest to find out the reason? thank you!

What does “top” or “vmstat” tell you? What Java VM are you using for ARM64, compared to x86_64? How much memory have you given your JVM process?

If you could post some minimal code showing the issue, that would certainly help track it down.