JAXi: proper secure boot fuse configuration

I’m about to burn fuses on a JAXi (Jetson AGX Xavier Industrial) module, and I believe that the “Jetson AGX Xavier Series Fuse Specification v1.2” document (DA-09342-001_v1.2) is incorrect and missing information. I want to confirm proper settings before I burn the fuses so that I don’t brick my unit.

This document states “Note: References to Jetson AGX Xavier applies to any of the Jetson AGX Xavier series of modules. This includes Jetson AGX Xavier Industrial (JAXi).” so it is meant to support JAXi. The two fuses in question are FUSE_RESERVED_SW and FUSE_BOOT_DEVICE_INFO. These are the -r and -d options to odmfuse.sh respectively. This document states “For production devices it is recommended that the fuses are used to select the boot device and this fuse should be burned.” which I agree with, and I have previously used on the non-Industrial variant.

Unfortunately, the only possible values listed for these fuses are for eMMC only, but JAXi should boot from QSPI. The document states “Jetson AGX Xavier uses eMMC for boot. These fuses should remain at their default (0x0 = eMMC).” for FUSE_RESERVED_SW and “Jetson AGX Xavier uses eMMC for boot. These fuses should be burned to 0x3 if boot fuses are to be burned.” for FUSE_BOOT_DEVICE_INFO. There is not even an option for QSPI boot listed.

I did find on Secure Boot — Jetson Linux Developer Guide documentation that a value of 1 for FUSE_RESERVE_SW should be SPI (QSPI?) mode. However, it also says to refer to the Xavier Fuse Specification mentioned above that does not show this as an option. There also are no values listed for FUSE_BOOT_DEVICE_INFO at that link either.

Could you please provide the proper values for FUSE_RESERVE_SW and FUSE_BOOT_DEVICE_INFO for the Jetson AGX Xavier Industrial?


FUSE_RESERVED_SW for the Boot Device Select, it’s 0x1 for QSPI.
FUSE_BOOT_DEVICE_INFO only valid for eMMC, so you should keep it as default value for fuse burning.

Thanks. Those fuse values worked.

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