Jeston AGX Orin Dev. Kit Carrier Board Spec


This is Woody.

I have Jeston Nano Deveopment Kit which interconnects with Robot(DOFBOT) for operating. Due to lack of performance, I want to upgrade to recent Jeston board. I have interest on ‘Jeston AGX Orin Dev. Kit’ but not sure if it can pin-2-pin compatibility with the one with Jeston Nano’s carrier board. When I looked at the manual, AGX Orin supports 40 expansion board similar which is same as Jeston nano’s carrier board. Can you confirm if both carrier board has pin-2-pin compatible.
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No, they’re not compatible

Thank you quick answer. Could you suggest alternative among latest board which is compatible with ‘Jeston Nano’ carrier board?

Then you can try with Xavier NX module with the Nano carrier board.

How about ‘Jeston Orin Nano Developer Kit’? It is newer than Xavier and looks like similar pin configuration with Jeston Nano? But not 100% sure. Can you comment as well?
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The same, they’re not compatible.
But it’s a good choice to use Orin Nano devkit to replace your current development work on Nano devkit.


One more question.
Jetson Orin AGL(or Nano) has 40pin expansion header. Is it compatible with Jeston Nano’s GPIOs 40 pin?
The reason why I asked is to replace with our Robot controller (Jeston nano) board with latest one.

No matter the carrier board or module themselves are not compatible with each other.

There migth be misunderstanding, The Jeston nano board connect with ROBOT using 40 pin GPIOs. My questrion was whether both carrier board has compatible 40pin expansion pin or not? According to the AGX Orin Dev, Kit manual, it has expansion header. It looks like Jeston nano’s 40-pin GPIOs.

Please refer to the Jetson Orin Nano Series, Jetson Nano, & Jetson TX2 NX Interface Comparison & Migration Application Note for main difference between Orin nano and nano and so decide if Orin nano is available on your side. Regarding the 40-pin header, the pins usage is same on Orin nano and nano. But still you need to check the carrier board spec and schematic of nano (P3449_B01) and Orin nano (P3768_A04) in DLC for more detail info of 40-pin connector.