Jeston nano specific display does not display

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I would like to ask you why some monitors can display normally when connected to PC, especially HD monitors, which can not display normally when connected to nano NX. However, these screens can be displayed normally when connected to PC.

But the nano and NX are sure to be good. It is OK to connect some conventional monitors to NX nano

What is the difference between Jeston’s HDMI and PC’s HDMI? How to solve it? I tried to set the resolution and refresh rate with xrandr command, but it didn’t solve.

请问一下大家,为什么有些显示器接PC可以正常显示,尤其是高清的显示器,接nano NX就不能正常显示了。但是这些屏幕接PC都是可以正常显示的 。
但是nano和NX确定是好的,有一些常规的显示器接NX nano是没问题的
jeston的HDMI 与PC的HDMI有什么区别?如何解决?我尝试用 xrandr 命令设置分辨率 刷新率都没有解决。

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who can help me?

这些接nano nx不显示的显示器 我测试的都是 2K以上的 出现的问题 2K 4K 问题最多

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