Jeston TK1 - Lauterbatch Debugger scripts

Hi All,

For Jetson TK1 board, need the Lauterbatch Debugger scripts. Please provide it.
In L4T, we could not find it.

Go here and search for “Lauterbach”. One of the links is for the scripts on TK1. For TX1 there is a new L4T release coming soon and it was announced there are plans to put TX1 scripts for Lauterbach in that release.


In the above link, I could not get the debugger scripts.
As per this link, and in this, L4T Documentation link, download this file and untar it.

In Tegra_Linux_Driver_Package_Documents_R23.1.1-1\Tegra Linux Driver Package Development Guide.html, in this, Lauterbach Debugging Scripts topic is there and click it, it shows the debugger scripts file information.

Installed the Jetpack software i.e. L4T and could not find these scripts. Please help.

I went to this URL and searched for “jetson”:

I think this would be the best way to find the scripts (this should work even after updates to the file name).

I discussed with Lauterbach team, they mentioned that they do not have the initialization scripts for this i.e. for full debug. They have the minimal scripts. NVidia has to provide this.

In L4T Documentation i.e. Tegra Linux Driver Package Development Guide, they have mentioned as:
“Download the tar ball of Lauterbach scripts from the link to them under the “Downloads” button and
extract them.”

What is meant by this? Could not locate this tar ball. Please help.

I see part of the config is given here:

Also, if you go here there is a “search” function, enter “jetson”:

Far down that page (probably use text search on your web browser within that page) is “jetsontk1”, and a link with a date on it pointing at a zip file. Currently (probably a moving target), this is dated “17-Nov-2015”:

I suspect that those zip files are what they are talking about, but since I don’t have a Lauterbach, I can’t confirm.

Hi BalajiNP,

The “Download” button is at the top-right side in your window (By executing the index.html of Tegra Linux Driver Package Development Guide).
After push the “Doenloads” button, there will be another window shows up, and you can find below from that page:
To download the Lauterbach scripts
•Right-click on this link, and choose Save As:
Debugging Scripts (TAR) — this tar file.

By click the “Debugging Scripts”, you can download the tar file to your PC.


You could just select the “Downloads” section directly through “Contents”, it’s the same page as what I mentioned above.