Jestson Nano mipi cameras

Can I use i2c tools to dump?
I modify CONFIG_VIDEO_IMX219=y to CONFIG_VIDEO_IMX219=m and re-compile kernel. When I insert imx219.ko, i2cdetect will show UU on i2c address 0x10(the i2c address of imx219), but when I rmmod imx219, i2c address on 0x10 is empty. So how to show the address of 0x10?

hello AIdeveloper,

may I know what’s your real use-case?

I’d like to port other mipi cameras to the kernel. The i2c registers will be set in userspace, so I need read and write i2c registers by i2cdump.

hello AIdeveloper,

please see-also IMX219 camera device tree.
for example,

        tcp: tegra-camera-platform {
                modules {
                        cam_module0: module0 {
                                cam_module0_drivernode0: drivernode0 {
                                        devname = "imx219 6-0010";
                                        proc-device-tree = "/proc/device-tree/host1x/i2c@546c0000/rbpcv2_imx219_a@10";

it uses i2c@546c0000. it’s i2c7 which as mentioned in previous comment #15.

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