Jestson Xavier NX CSI PWDN/MCLK

Hello Team

I am usnig the following MIPI camera VC MIPI IMX392 C
link to the web site
VC MIPI Camera Module Hardware Operating Manual (](VC MIPI Camera Module Hardware Operating Manual)
The camera does not include the PWDN/MCLK signals.
The camera has Trigger input and flash output instead.
My questions are:

  1. What is the functionality of PWDN?
  2. What is the functionality of MCLK?
  3. If the PWDN/MCLK are not connected will there be any dagradation?
  4. How should i connect Trigger and Flash output signals of the camera?


How should i handle this pins?

Usually the PWDN is the power enable PIN for sensor.
And MCLK is the input clock for the sensor without them the sensor unable working. And current Jetson don’t support LED flash light.


You didnt answer my questions.
Can the Jestson NX operate the CSI interface without the MCLK?
So i can disconnect MCLK from Jetson and it will operate correctly?
The camera vendor specifies that the camera can operate with NVIDIA Jestson NX
You can see it in the link i attached before.


MCLK is output for sensor doesn’t matter with Jetson NX.

Thanks for the answer
I just wondered if the jetson needs to be synchronised to the CSI output with respect to mclk?

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MCLK is output for sensor doesn’t matter with Jetson NX.


Can the Jestson NX operate the CSI interface without the MCLK?

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