Jetbot_follow_me.usd not working for me because of camera


I followed this “” and trying to do " Jetbot Autonomously Following Objects in Simulation", however, the camera is completely black screen on the Isaac Sight so that I cannot see any detection results.

Here what I am trying to say:

Any help or idea would be great !!


when I run " bazel run apps/jetbot:jetbot_jupyter_notebook", there is a notebook, it is OK. However, there is line in one of the following cells which is
(inference_component.config.model_file_path = “external/jetbot_ball_detection_resnet_model/jetbot_ball_detection_resnet18.etlt”)

and I couldn’t find any app for creating “jetbot_ball_detection_resnet18.etlt”

Little help would be great !!!

The two may be related. The Detection viewer will only show the detections when there is one, so it being black may indicate no detection was ever published. The ETLT model file should be fetched by bazel for you as an external and placed in the correct path to access. Could you check your console logs for any indication that TensorRT was not able to load the model?