Jetbot letdown

bought 2 jetbots to advance my raspberry pi robots into machine learning and take them to the next level. well unhappy doesn’t even begin to address the letdowns these kits had. I received a partial refund so I wont bash them too much. The main issue is the kit lost power while running because the battery couldn’t supply enough power to run jetbot and motors (adding separate battery source for motor driver fixed that). Biggest issue is the example codes didn’t even work(well other then the most basic examples) and the company knew they didnt work but advertised that they did work anyway.

So I need to remove the auto start programs the os has to run the code that was supplied. How do I access these auto start programs and remove the auto start hooks? I’m a rookie here but learning alot as I go. my problem is running ros with lidar and mapping without the i2c hat causes havic because the program cant find the hat. all 4 cpu’s are hitting 100% with i2c hat removed with nothing else running. When I stop the python program it comes right back. Also jupyter lab is always running. I dont want to completely remove these just change it from auto start at boot too manual start.

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Found it if anyone else needs to shut these down to work on non jetbot projects
this is from instructions from building sd card from scratch just need to stop the 2 that were enabled at bottom of this step
cd jetbot/utils
sudo mv jetbot_stats.service /etc/systemd/system/jetbot_stats.service
sudo systemctl enable jetbot_stats
sudo systemctl start jetbot_stats python3
sudo mv jetbot_jupyter.service /etc/systemd/system/jetbot_jupyter.service
sudo systemctl enable jetbot_jupyter
sudo systemctl start jetbot_jupyter

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Thanks for the sharing.

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