Jetbot motors unresponsive

hey all,

I input ‘rosrun jetbot_ros’ and it outputs a ‘1’ to my terminal window. I then open a new window, source it and input the ‘rostopic pub /jetbot_motors/cmd_str std_msgs/String --once “forward”’ command from the jetbot_ros repo. Then it outputs this:

‘publishing and latching message for 3.0 seconds’

But nothing appears to be happening with the actual motors. What’s interesting is that when I head back to the window where I input the rosrun command there’s an output that seems to recognize the commands im inputting in the other window like this:

‘[INFO] [1611849840.530449]: /jetbot_motors cmd_str=forward
[INFO] [1611850240.673509]: /jetbot_motors cmd_str=forward’

Any idea how I can troubleshoot this? Thanks!

Which Jetbot kit are you using?

I suspect that the Waveshare kit needs some changes to the current Jetbot_ros motors code as the pin numbers to control the motors is different to the other kits.


I’m using the sparkfun v2 kit…