Jetbot OLED Display

Hello Guys.
I have a Jetbot built using the Jetson Nano.

As part of the build, I have installed a OLED display 0.91 inches 128x32 screen.
It works perfectly when I installed it.

However, when I turned on my jetson nano yesterday, it could not work anymore.
Can someone identify the problem and recommend me a solution?
The problem is shown in the picture attached.

Hi, which port of nano is the display attached to? What’s the power supply of it?

There are no R22 and R23 on dev kit board. Are you using dev kit? A schematic of it will be better for understanding.

It looks like a I2C I/O display, did you measure the signals on it? Do you have any log when issue happen?

The board looks not like dev kit, where did you get it from? Please check with vendor for this issue.