Jetbot - possible with Adafruit Motor Controller

I have bought the parts to build a Jetbot, except for the chassis.
I bought the Adafruir Feather board and Pioled display.

I also have an Adafruit Motor Hat

Does anyone have one of these working with the Nano? Thanks!

I have a fully functional JetBot with the PiOLED and the Adafruit DC Motor Board that are listed in the Bill of Materials. They both are working fine, although I did damage the first OLED I received but the replacement is working nicely.

Are you having any issues with this?


I have built a 4WD Jetbot that uses a PCA9685 and two L298N motor drivers which is similar to the Adafruit Motor Controller HAT. I had to change the I2C address on the PCA9685 stock 0x40 address to 0x60 to meet the Jetbot I2C addressing requirements. Works great.