Jetbot_ros Sparkfun docker container setup for ros2-foxy

Hi, I am trying to setup the jetbot_ros docker container to use ros2 Foxy in my Sparkfun jetbot. I saw the latest commit, where the compatibility with the Sparkfun robot was finally added, thanks a lot for that. I pulled from git and executed the to get the container up and running.
The problem is, once inside the container, none of the corresponding Sparkfun files are found, looking like the container is not in its latest version.
I tried running but it did not introduce the desired updates. I then decided to build the container ( to see if that way I could have the latest version. However, doing so, I got stuck because of pip3 protobuf installation issues, which require Python >= 3.7. I am attaching the related lines of code in the DockerFile.

"RUN git clone GitHub - dusty-nv/py3gazebo: Python bindings for the Gazebo multi-robot simulator. /opt/py3gazebo &&
pip3 install protobuf>=2.6 --verbose &&
pip3 install trollius --verbose &&
pip3 install pynput --verbose "

Am I in the right track to get the latest container? If so, how could I successfully build the container?
Thanks a lot for your help in advance!

Hi @ernestolz.el, please see my reply to your GitHub issue on this topic here:

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