Jetbot with Intel Real Sense D435i


I would like to ask if the Intel Real Sense D435i can be used on a Jetbot instead of the listed Raspberry Pi Camera V2. I am after learning to use depth vision.

If so what libraries need to be installed and configured on Jetpack 4.2.2.



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Hi fabian.borg,

The RealSense D435 camera requires additional drivers to get it works on Jetson Nano. You may check

@kaycc thanks for the link. I would like to know if the Real Sense does work on Jetpack or should I use Isaac SDK. I am asking as I am still compiling the bill of materials towards the research project, hence I am not able to test or see what lies under the hood :)

Hi fabian.borg,

That depends on your use case to decide what type of camera to use on your project.
You can refer to those projects sharing to get some idea.