Jetduino Prototype boards ordered today.

I ordered the Jetduino prototype boards today! The Jetduino is a shield for the Jetson TK1 that makes it easy to use the Jetson for robotics and other maker applications. It level shifts the I/O lines and provides modular Grove and RobotGeek connectors. Grove and RobotGeek are frameworks for robotics that allow you to purchase commercial, off-the-shelf (COTS) modules and plug them in with a single cable.

This version also includes the DynamixShield for the Arduino Due. This makes it possible to insert an Arduino Due into the Jetduino so it can communicate with the Jetson. The DynamixShield works with the Due to give users the ability to control Dynamixel AX, MX and XL smart servos and regular servos, while also offering numerous connectors for modular Grove and RobotGeek sensors. It will also have a mount area for a hard drive, an optional USB 3.0 hub, and a large prototype area.

Here is a link to my blog for complete details:

I should be getting the PC Boards back soon so I can build the first batch and test them. If you are interested in this then please follow my newsletter so you can be kept up to date. I will blogging about this a lot as I make progress on it.


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