jetkit R21 questions

i upgraded from R19 to R21 and there’s this jetkit pkg that installs L4T and cuda, etc. all in one. which is very nice however, i want to increase eMMC partition to at least 14GB, does anybody konw where i can make this chnage in the jetkit? i’m looking at jetson-tk1.conf and not sure where to modify it.

what’s the maximum parition that i can increase it to? obviously not more than 16gb. i will have large project to include and can really use space. thanks

i could be wrong but it seems to default to 14GB partition upon reflashing

I haven’t used jetkit. On other installers though the max size is either 14GiB (leaves a few bytes unused) or 14580MiB. Should be the same on all. I’ve typically just used 14GiB out of laziness :P