JetPack 2.0 on Mint 17.2?

Since Mint 17 is essentially Ubuntu 14.04, I tried to install on the host via the script and got the error that it only runs on Ubuntu 14.04. Is there any reason why it should not be installable on the Mint variant? Is there a way to force the install?

I believe that JetPack relies on the Ubuntu repositories to download its dependencies. Mint uses different repos, so no, it wouldn’t be compatible.

Edited on 6/8/16 because of JWattsD3’s feedback below.

Mint uses the same repositories as Ubuntu. They add additional repositories to provide alternative/additional graphical UI choices. To be a polite Ubuntu derivative they do provide their own /etc/lsb-release file, but otherwise the core packages and their versions are pulled directly from the Ubuntu repositories. All releases of Mint 17 have been based on Ubuntu Trusty (14.04 specifically).

The only way I found to install (doing it again right now to install latest L4T JetPack) is to edit the file /etc/lsb-release (MAKE A BACKUP!) to be:


Once installed, you should restore the file from your backup.

Another important thing: xterm must point to the original xterm implementation. I had re-placed xterm with ROXTerm on my machine, but due to extended arguments the installer was trying to use this ended up with a fork-bomb situation. :-(

Update for Mint 18: