JetPack 2.0 TK1 flashing problem

For some reason, I am unable to flash jetson-tk1 as the target with the ./flash script and only can flash with jetson-tx1. This inevitably leads to failure when I try to flash as in the end it returns BootRom Communication failed.

I am assuming, looking at the log that it is loading tx1 dtbs. I tried this with the Jetpack GUI too and got the same result. Looking at my install directory, I only see Linux_For_Tegra_tx1 folder. How exactly do I use JetPack to flash TK1 boards?

Did you change the dropdown list on top of JetPack to “Jetson TK1”? Looks like the default one, “Jetson TX1”, is being used.

Ahhh I see. Thanks.