Jetpack 2.1 - Visionworks on Ubuntu 14.04 host

Hi all,

I’ve upgraded to Jetpack 2.1, and it seems that the option to install VisionWorks on the host machine has disappeared.

Could someone confirm?

Also, Visionworks’ version on the Jetson TK1 is 1.2, while the one I get with Jetpack 2.0 on my host machine is 1.0. Is there any way to get Visionworks 1.2 on my host machine as well?


This is expected behavior. The version of VisionWorks on host machine is 1.2 in JetPack 2.1, and it is only used for Jetson TX1 instead of TK1.

Thanks EdwardZhou,
I checked with Jetpack 2.1 and when selecting the TX1 I get the option of installing Visionworks on the host machine as well. However, according to Jetpack 2.1 the version of Visionworks is the same both for the K1 and the X1 (1.2.3, 0.82.x, 0.80.x), so I don’t understand why I had to choose the X1 as a target in order to install Visionworks on my host machine.
Could you tell me where this “expected behavior” is explained? I can’t seem to find it.
Thanks a lot!

Hi lnardelli,

In JetPack 2.1, there is no VisionWorks on host for TK1. VisionWorks 1.2 is ONLY used for TX1.

In other words:
TK1 has following set of tools:
CUDA: 6.5-50 (available for both host and target)
VisionWorks: (available for target only, unavailable for host)

TX1 has following set of tools:
CUDA: 7.0 (available for both host and target)
VisionWorks: (available for both host and target. Reason: VisionWorks 1.2 depends on CUDA 7.0 on host)

Ok got it.

Thank you very much.