Jetpack 2.2 installer downloading 64 bit Ubuntu image instead of 32 bit ubuntu image

I’m trying to install Ubuntu 32 bit onto my TX1 (need it to be 32bit for development reasons). Jetpack 2.2 and 2.2.1 both offer TX1 Ubuntu (32 bit) as an install option. Whenever I do so, I check the architecture by using the command uname, i see aarch64. Is the installer downloading the wrong image?

The uname output is about the kernel…the kernel is 64-bit even if user space is 32-bit. If you run “sudo ldconfig -p” you will see what the user space linker sees. Some of that will be “generic” and not indicate its architecture, but other parts should show 32-bit. You could also look at the names of packages via “dpkg -i” and you will see architecture…if it is a user space library it should indicate a 32-bit version. Unless you are working on 32-bit drivers you won’t care about the kernel being 64-bit.