JetPack 2.3.1 - L4T R24.2.1 released for Jetson TX1

Hello everyone, NVIDIA’s released a software update for Jetson TX1. JetPack 2.3.1 and L4T R24.2.1 BSP. Highlights of the release include:

Multimedia API v24.2.1

  • Caffe to TensorRT model conversion tool
  • libargus samples
  • AE, AWB, Bayer Average Map
  • Video decode with TensorRT sample supports arbitrary batch size

Linux for Tegra 24.2.1

  • Multi-Camera support
  • 10 & 12-bit sensor support
  • White Point Correction
  • Camera stability and performance improvements

Links to resources, documentation, and downloads:

L4T 24.2.1 -
JetPack 2.3 -
Release Notes -