Jetpack 2.3 Failed to install

I’m new in gpu programming and using Jetson TX1. I’m using windows and virtual Machine which is running ubuntu 14.04. I have downloaded the Jetpack 2.3 two times but after flashing the board emmc, gui is not running. can anybody help me with this problem.

What is your monitor’s cabling type, including any adapters? Can you provide a monitor brand and model number or (better yet) a URL with the monitor’s specifications?

Typically either the DDC/EDID query is not functioning because of cabling (15-pin VGA cables and any adapters for this guarantees cutting the EDID wire), or else the monitor EDID is not parsed correctly. In some cases the monitor may be manually configured if automatic configuration is not working.

If you can use ssh to log in debugging is simplified. If not, you can use serial console…see this for serial console wiring:

thanks for your attention. first of all I have a LG 25UM65 monitor which have hdmi input. before flashing the jetson tx1 I have connected device to monitor, and system worked perfectly. but after downloading jetpack 2.3 and get device to usb recovery mode, at the end of flash which said reset the device, the gui is not running.(I haven’t entered the device ip and etc.)
1- monitor and cable worked together.
2- do I expect truly that the gui must running after flashing and reseting the device???

It isn’t unusual for automatic configuration of video to fail after a flash, yet have the system otherwise working. In order to find out though you need access. Does ssh work? That would make life much simpler for debugging. If not, here is wiring for a serial console (which is immune to network, video, and many other failures):

What happens is that there is a wire in the HDMI which talks to the monitor and asks it what its capabilities are (EDID). Automatic configuration relies on this to match against what the Jetson can produce. Should something get in the way, then one would hope default video mode matches what the monitor can do. If not, you get a blank screen. You’re probably thinking “but it worked before”…but the thing is that default modes can change between L4T version. Being able to ssh in or use serial console would be very helpful to find out if this is the case.