Jetpack 2.3 firfox 49 crashes

I installed the latest Jetpack 2.3 for my TX1. Whenever I try to run firefox and go to a site it crashes. Has anyone else seen this? The version is firefox 49

I see that behavior. Firefox starts loading a page successfully, but then crashes towards the end of the web page load on about 90% of URLs. I have a feeling the crash is based on multimedia types, as I’m able to point at my own hand-written web page without crash (it’s fully validated xhtml with one image and the rest simple plain text…pages with other features seem to crash, though I don’t know which feature…perhaps javascript).

Kangalow suggests using the chromium browser.
I will try it tonite.

kangalow was right, /usr/bin/chromium-browser works fine on this latest release of the Jetson TX1 jetpack. Use this to surf the net