JetPack 3.0 installation on Jetson TX1 does not complete

I re-installed JetPack on my TX1 and the process (on my host linux box) does not finish.
It goes to:
“Installation of target components finished, press Enter key to continue.”
In the S term window, so I hit enter, but it does not finish.

This behavior is different from installing from JetPack 2.3.1

OOPS type, should be X-term window

I have the same issue.

I rebooted the Jetson manually and then pressing Enter exited the install process normally.

I just connected the monitor to jetson tx1 and entered the password for the user of UBUNTU. after that on host in the terminal window pressed Enter, and it worked - the setup program came to the end correctly.

I had the same issue while installing JetPack 3.0 on Jetson TX2.
Manual reboot of Jetson TX2 worked for me too.