JetPack 3.0 installer does not recognize existing CUDA 8.0

I just installed the JetPack 3.0 host portion and one of the fear, uncertainty and doubt items was CUDA.

The installer does not recognize an existing CUDA 8.0 that I had installed for other work, although it is the first item in the default CUDA installation PATH /usr/local/cuda-8.0/bin

I kept the JetPack CUDA checked for installation, because I thought it might install a private version in the j4t directory, but apparently the installer trashed it over the existing one.

I don’t think anything depends on the prior ga2 version 8.0.61-1 on this Ubuntu 16.04 installation, but with all the exact Python and CNTK dependencies I came across recently this behavior makes me feel weary.

I think the installer should recognize an existing CUDA and its version and warn and if the installation directory is different from the other j4t items it wouldn’t hurt to list the actual installation path.


Hi gue22m,

Thanks for raising this issue and have the suggestion, we will investigate to see if can avoid this situation in coming release.