JetPack 3.0 - L4T component manager 3.1

When I use in Ubuntu 14.04 to install JetPack, I see the JetPack L4T 3.1 in JetPack L4T Component Manager. And 3.1 has a lot of bug, like not able to install GIE and VisionWorks. And I could not use 3.0 or others, because the Component Manager will told me there was an error. But when I use VPN to use an American IP, I cannot find the 3.1 anymore. So I doubt if 3.1 is only could be found in China. Please check it.

Another post makes it sound like the 3.1 was a mistake in server configuration that is now fixed. Try deleting it and downloading again, but expect 3.0.

I tried it again. And it even goes worse. It was opened with 3.1 by default and the 3.1 cannot be opened with an error. Now I can do nothing with JetPack.

I have the same problem,I’m in china

I don’t know what went on with the related services, but perhaps there are still caches around. Do try to completely delete your existing JetPack and download again with unpack into a clean location. Version 3.1 should not be out yet, you would have had a non-release beta if you got hold of it; if version 3.0 were mixed in I’m sure issues would get worse.