Jetpack 3.1 install error

I have a error when install Jetpack3.1.

I install Ubuntu 14.04 64bits in VirtualBOX, and now I want to install Jetpack 3.1 on the ubuntu14.04 64bits, but has a error

whether nvidia still support the Jetpack3.1?

VMs are not supported, but generally speaking, if you have the right configuration, then it will probably work. You have to make sure that the VM has internet access, and you have to be certain that the host (if flashing in recovery mode) has given ownership of the USB to the VM (the USB will disconnect and reconnect during flash…at the moment of disconnect/reconnect the USB must not revert ownership to the host of the VM). Networking must also be able to reach the Jetson if extra packages are being installed. Note that a manifest is downloaded before much else is done, and if other steps show blank, then it probably means the host did not give the VM unrestrained internet access.