JetPack 3.1 — L4T R28.1 released for Jetson TX1/TX2

I log in as “ubuntu” user,show same question.

The ubuntu user exists on the Jetson, however JetPack should be run from your host PC.

Hello no-reply:
The TX2 boot using the default Wlan start, We should input IP address when brushing machine with Jetpack package is Wlan IP address, or eth0 IP address ?

Thank you!

TX2 wouldn’t automatically be connecting to WLAN after boot because you would need to tell it which network SSID and passkey to use.

The IP address to put into JetPack is the eth0 IP. Your Jetson should be connected to your PC or laptop over ethernet, either directly or through a switch or router:

External Media

those source code are empty after excuting an command ‘sudo ./’,taht’s why? is for downloading the kernel sources, does your machine have internet connection?

If you don’t provide a tag to you need to check out the branches by hand, until then it will look empty.

try rerunning it while specifying the release like this:

./ -u tegra-l4t-r28.1 -k tegra-l4t-r28.1

forgive me if this issue has already been addressed. I am able to see that the OS was flashed (on TX1) but am not seeing the eth0 come up, thus post installation fails to retrieve the TX1’s IP address.

You might want to start a separate thread, but basically it sounds like your router needs to have logs checked to see if it saw the DHCP request. Details differ depending on whether the PC is the router (and especially if the PC is a VM) versus a router appliance.

Thanks! I was able to setup eth0 as static. Now sshd is erroring. Honestly had no problems installing JetPack 2.1. 3.1 is fighting me.

What is the sshd error? It’s hard to answer without seeing details.

trying to figure out how to get the syslog off the TX1 (or any text) w/o ssh or serial. I’m see a lot of “undefined instruction: pc=000007fa9438c28” when doing “sudo service ssh start”

You can mount an SD card and copy the file to that.

Undefined instruction has me thinking perhaps software for a different architecture is being used (or is at least corrupt). In this case it would be better to start a new thread and not fill this thread…if possible copy the log on SD card and then post it somewhere other than this announcement thread. Note that file attachments are available after the post is created…you’ll have to start the thread prior to attaching the file.


Recently I have bought Jetson TX2 and have installed JetPack 3.1.

The main purpose of using this board is for fast Computer Vision applications. I am heavily dependent on OpenCV and I am aware of the OpenCV4Tegra installation when I install JetPack.

However, recently I stumbled upon this link: [url][/url] and it is mentioned that OpenCV4Tegra is depricated!

This is making me confused on what to use for my development. OpenCV4Tegra or OpenCV x.x (most likely 3.3) built from the source. I imagine both the versions cannot work at the same time.

New to the Nvidia products! Any suggestions will be really appreciated!


The OpenCV4Tegra sources have been contributed upstream, so at this point OC4T is a build of OpenCV that ships with JetPack. You can compile OpenCV from source (i.e. version 3.3) including CUDA support and arrive at similar result.

Cool! Thanks for this information. I will build OpenCV 3.3 from source.

After upgrading my TX1 to JetPack 3.1 I couldn’t read sensors temperature anymore. For the application I am developing temperature is critical matter.

After running lm-sensors (sensors-detect) no compatible module was found.

But on the meantime I checked this forum and I have seen that many of other problems I had faced before were described here by other users.
I will just rollback to a previous Jetpack.

This whole experience really reduced my thrust on future releases of Jetpack.

Just run /_installer/Launcher

i tried almost half a day to get Jetpack 3.1 installed on a TX1 board. Flashing OS worked without any flaws but getting CUDA and everything pushed to target in the post install step permanently fails while trying to contact
After first trying from a Ubuntu 16.04 VM (which is obviously wrong) I got the same issues from a VM running 14.04 - for me it looks like broken links or something because the internet addresses are reachable from Firefox/chrome…? The install guide is not really a help in the detailed steps here.

What might be the issue?

Would it be possible to install all the missing parts from the TX1 itself? If so, how? I don’t really get the point in pushing everything in from a host PC.

Any help is really appreciated!

By the way: would be quite handy to be able to simply upload a screenshot here…

The VM probably isn’t given the network traffic reply. Is it correct to assume the Jetson has its wired ethernet going to the VM PC and not to a separate router appliance?

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