JetPack 3.1: SSH installation push packages but doesn't install them


I am installing JetPack 3.1 using SSH connection by disabling Flash image option. It says that everything is pushed and installed on the target device, but there, I found everything in the home directory and neither CUDA nor cudnn is installed. i.e: there is no /usr/local/cuda-8.0 but there is cuda-l4t in the home directory and there are also .deb files for cudnn. Am I missing something in the installation of JetPack ?


Could you try to install the packages again?

If the issue goes on, could you share the following log file with us?
[JetPack Root]/_installer/logs/64_TX2$ vim cuda_target_64_tx2.log



I found that JetPack wasn’t able to install cuda due to unmet dependencies: curand, cusolver, etc, maybe I messed something up when trying to fix the original issue. I flashed the OS again using the mini-usb cable connection and reinstalled everything using JetPack and worked fine.