Jetpack 3.1 system sudo error

after I flash Jetpack 3.1,
when I login the system, cannot use sudo
sudo must be owned by uid 0 and have the setuid bit set

(at the determin device ip step, I cancel. because it stop at the step)

now, how should I do?

Your rootfs was unpacked without sudo or else the file system type was not a Linux file system. You’ll need to flash again. If manually unpacking (not using JetPack), then use sudo for both the unpack of sample rootfs and, as well as from actual flash. Do not use sudo for unpacking the driver package itself, nor for running JetPack (JetPack will ask for a password at the correct time).

To see what file system type a particular directory has:

df -H -T /where/ever/it/is

File types such as “VFAT” and “NTFS” do not understand Linux file systems and cannot be used without reformatting (e.g., mkfs.ext4).