Jetpack 3.2.1 not working


I download the Jetpack version 3.2.1 from the archive (, it downloads ok but does not work. It gives an error after saying that will download the repository file. See a print screen at this link:

It returns an empty log file.


Eduardo Mendes

That URL requires an account to log in to.

Normally when what you say happened it is a case of a firewall or proxy getting in the way.

The problem is not with a firewall or proxy, because the Jetpack 3.3 works.

I would bet the someone in NVIDIA changed the name of the repository or some specific file on the server, and now the installer is not working (cannot reach it). Can someone from NVIDIA test this?

I am having the same issue. Unable to get the repository.json.

Due to the blank component manger I tried the fixes recommended :

There was an error in the manifest file which has been corrected. The downloads should work now.

Please reply back to the thread if you are still facing issues with downloads.


Just installed Jetpack 3.2.1. Thankyou sdesai.