Jetpack 3.2 cannot be installed on TX1


I spent more than 4 hours trying to flash my Jetson TX1. Jetpack 3.2 can normally be installed on the TX1 and I did before. I flashed my TX1 again but I cannot install it since in the components manager, even though I specify that my platform is the TX1 it reads it as a TX2 and the installation fails. Is that a bug or has it been done on purpose to push TX1 users to get the TX2 ?

I think I may be having the same issue. When the JetPack installer starts I choose TX1. However, at the screen where you select what is installed only the TX2 shows up.

Is that what you’re experiencing?

Hey, I found a version that works for me.

Try this:

JetPack lets you select which platform you are working with. If TX1 isn’t showing up on JetPack3.2 (it is a drop-down menu), then you may need to start with a clean directory/install. If you are having network issues perhaps it failed to download a configuration (JetPack does downloads for you).