JetPack 3.2 for TX1 ?

When will the TX1 be supported with JetPack 3.2 ?

OpenCV3 and a few other items are requirements for my project and I just bought a couple TX1’s

custom building OpenCV3 is i kinda sorta workaround but would ideally love to know when 3.2 is coming for TX1


The pre-release of 3.2 is already out…have you tried that? NVIDIA never announces their package release dates ahead of time. Obviously there wouldn’t be a pre-release out though if it were not close.

Yeah, but it’s for TX2 only…

you mention a need for opencv3 in 3.2 i wonder if this release note in 3.2 impact your opencv3 work?
OpenCV 3.3.1
OpenCV4Tegra is deprecated.
OpenCV version 3.3.1, built without hardware acceleration, is provided as a convenience to access basic compute functionality. OpenCV includes neon and multi-threading optimizations for Jetson.

“built without hardware acceleration and only provided as a convenience to access basic compute functionality.”

is that what you want opencv3 for.?

no worries because i think a full 2.4 is available.

I have a Jetson TX2 as well and use some of the opencv3 features.

I’ll just have to manually recompile I guess with acceleration.

It’s weird that Nvidia would not include accelerated versions with the sdk…

I guess they want to instead push visionworks and try to sway people away from opencv

That’s really too bad :(

Wonder why?

i agree that nvidia is trying to channel users away from opencv. but to be honest i see it as a trend with many hardware providers. i suppose one reason could be that support staff can now focus on the nvidia product and not have to be well versed on the other products, opencv being one of the major ones. it seems to me that phrasing they use in the notes will be the response when asked by users for opencv support, “i’m sorry i can not help you with that issue, we only provided opencv as a convenience to access basic compute functionality.” welcome to new world order.