Jetpack 3.2 stalled on Jetson TX1

Hello Jetson TX1 experts,
I am trying to install Jetpack 3.2 on Jetson TX1. My virtual machine has Ubuntu16.04. In the host Jetpack, the Jetpack installation completed. In the target, While flashing on target, it stalled at

[ 5.8359 ] Writing partition APP with system.img

It doesn’t continue. Where did i make mistake?


VMs are known to run into troubles for JetPack.
If possible, use a real PC running Ubuntu. Be also sure it runs on ext4 filesystem.
Otherwise, you may try to configure the USB for your VM, use USB2 and increase buffer size.

My laptop has Windows 10 and i am using Ubuntu through Virtual Box. Can you send me the link to increase buffer size

I have no personal experience with VMs for JetPack, but you may find details here (this was for mac).