JetPack 3.3 — L4T R28.2.1 Release for Jetson TX1/TX2

After downloading and running the gui launches, and I am able to go through the first few screens where I chose to send data and choose a target (TX2 in this case) then it says it is unpacking and nothing loads into the next window and the only indication of a problem is the word “error” above the progress bar at the bottom. I have tired downloading it several times and following this process to no luck. This has occurred on two machines running Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit. (I have a 3rd machine where it has downloaded and installed correctly). I cannot seem to find a reason for the failures, so if anyone can help that would be great!

Are you running JetPack from it’s own fresh directory? What region are you downloading from?

If the issue persists, you may want to create a new topic about it for additional follow-up.

Hi all:
I have same question ,when I flashed my jetsonTX2 with jetpack3.3
Massage from terminal:
Error: CUDA cannot be installed on device. This may be caused by other apt-get command running on device when installing CUDA. Please use apt-get command in a terminal to make sure following packages are installed correctly on device before continuing:
cuda-toolkit-9-0 libgomp1 libfreeimage-dev libopenmpi-dev openmpi-bin
After these packages are installed on device, press Enter key to continue

Hi nvidiadk, are you able to run this command on your Jetson? At this point you should be able to boot it up to desktop.

sudo apt-get install cuda-toolkit-9-0 libgomp1 libfreeimage-dev libopenmpi-dev openmpi-bin

Hi desty_nv,appreciate for your solution.After I restarted TX2 ,it worked!

Hi… I Downloaded Jetpack3.3 and tried to install in Jetson TX2 development kit.
However, when I perform post installation to TX2, installation stops and hung up at below log:

Boot Rom communication
tegrarcm_v2 --chip 0x18 --rcm rcm_list_signed.xml
BootRom is not running

Please help.
Thank you.

You should probably start a different thread outside of the sticky thread.

FYI, if this was a VM, then such errors are common. VMs are not supported. For those who do get it to work it seems finding a way to keep that USB device bound to the VM even as it resets is the key.

I feel very stuck on my new TX2 now. I just can’t get anything to work beyond start the linux system. I can’t get the JetPack 3.3 to load anything on my host computer yet JetPack 3.0 seems to work. And if I just want to install the cuda directly on my TX2, I got errors like unable to locate package cuda-toolkit-9-0. Is there any other information that I can find for this specific TX2 board?

I tried again starting from JetPack 3.0 because it can load the packages, then tried 3.1, 3.2.1, then 3.3, and now I can load all the packages for the 3.3. This is rather weird. But it worked.

Guys, I now am facing another problem, related to the JetPack 3.3. After I successfully run the JetPack 3.3, and flashed the TX2, now the host system failed to do update with some warning pointing to libopencv4tegra. Is there anybody else having similar problem? My host is running Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS and fortunately it’s a VM so even if it can’t update, it’s not a major problem for me. But apparently I can’t use that VM for other works anymore.

Hi walkingskeleton, can you try running this on the host?

$ sudo apt-get install -f

Note that JetPack doesn’t officially support installing from VM, so if you encounter future issues related to flashing a Jetson, it may be related to that.

If the command above doesn’t resolve the package, you may want to try from a native host or post your question(s) in a new topic about the particular issue please.

Hi Dusty_nv, no, it didn’t help. I don’t know if it’s a problem others also encountered or just me.

Okey, finally found the solution, here

I am using JetPack 3.3, and have gotten my TX2 up and running. I have also installed a number of things onto it. I would now like to back up the entire image at this point since it took some time to get all of the tools onto it that I wanted. How can I make a complete copy of the my TX2? I have found here:, that I should be able to use a script, but I do not believe this installed allong with my Jetpack installation on my PC.

How can I install, or where do I find to back up my TX2?

Hi raisintoe, if you go into the directory where you initially ran JetPack from on your host PC, the script should be found under 64_TX2/Linux_for_Tegra/

If you selected ‘Remove Downloaded Files’ when you ran JetPack, it may have been removed. In that case, you could re-run JetPack like you were flashing again, and just not have your Jetson connected and quit when the actual flashing step is to occur (after JetPack re-downloads and unpacks L4T on the host).

The Linux for Tegra sources for 28.1 as well as 31.1 can be downloaded without logging into an NVIDIA account, however 28.2.1 cannot.


Is there a reason for this? If not is it possible to allow downloading 28.2.1 sources without an account?

Thanks LBurner_10, the R28.2.1 source should no longer require a login.

I’m planning to use ROS2 on Jetson TX2.
Unfortunately, ROS2 operates on Ubuntu 18.04. (until now, ROS2 can run on ubuntu 16.04 but they don’t guarantee ROS2 on ubuntu 16.04)

So here is my question.
Do NVIDIA have plan to upgrade Ubuntu 16.04 to 18.04 on Jetson TX2 (Jetpack 3.x) later??

Hi, yes, we have a plan to upgrade Jetson TX2 to Ubuntu 18.04 in an upcoming JetPack update, however we don’t have a concrete release date to share yet, so please stay tuned.

Any plan on releasing Jetpack with 18.04 filesystem for TX2?

Sorry just saw the post right above which answers my question.
However, kind of curious if you can give any approximate timeline.
We are using your TX2 for our embedded solution and need 18.04 to support postgres 9.6.