JETPACK 3.3 on tx2: wifi disconnecting periodically

Periodically I am being prompted to log back into my wireless network.
This is quite annoying as it disrupts long running processes that I have initiated over ssh.

I’ve also noticed that the ssh connection into the tx2 from my mac is very slow.
It takes more than a second for each character entered to echo on the screen even though the 2 devices are side by side and 10 feet from the router.
I’m not sure if the 2 issues are related or not.

Is there anything I can do to encourage the tx2 to not drop wifi connections?


Hi alexryan,

Please help do some debug test and reply questions for us if possible.

  1. Are you using wifi ap or sta mode?
  2. When you hit error, could you also share the syslog from /var/log/syslog?
  3. Happened after flash with JetPack 3.3? how’s about previous version?